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Wireless monitoring how to install?

Date:2015-09-22 Author:admin Read:125
Before the installation

Now many people all know that use the wireless monitoring equipment instead of the traditional wired monitoring equipment, a flexible and convenient wireless monitoring system.But, how should install wireless monitoring system?Today, many people in the mind is sure, small make up to you to introduce how to install wireless monitoring system.

After the installation of wireless monitoring system, we need to know a wireless monitoring system which includes equipment.Small make up before wrote an article "build a wireless monitoring system need what equipment?", don't know what kind of equipment can go to see, here small make up is not much said.

Wireless transmission bearing orientation

Wireless transmission need linear transmission, there is no obstructions in the process of transmission, so we must avoid the obstructions, high rack can be used and transit ways, this early in the design of wireless monitoring scheme have been confirmed.
If the transmission distance is far, you can via satellite positioning software, determine the correct transmission bearing.

Wireless devices of power supply

In the erection of wireless devices, usually in case of can't find the power supply and outdoor dedicated wireless monitoring equipment is generally built in remote power supply module, so can consider to use POE power supply, but also can use solar power, wind power and other power supply technology.
Wireless monitoring POE power supply mode

The wireless bridge bandwidth allocation

If there are any more point to point, and scattered, point to multi-point wireless transmission mode can be used.

However, because in point to multipoint transmission mode, the transmission lines can be Shared wireless network available bandwidth, in order to ensure that each is the monitoring information of point to point can be normal transport, must ensure that each route has a certain width.In addition, make much of its wireless transmission equipment has the function of automatic bandwidth allocation, can according to the situation of each access point right distribution network bandwidth, solve the problem of QoS, ensure that the network bandwidth usage efficiency.

If there are any number of point to point very much, it is better to adopt the multipoint to multipoint transmission mode, to increase the number of the receiver, it can ensure the normal operation of the wireless monitoring system.

The implementation of the area of wireless digital monitoring system

If you encounter the location point to changing conditions, using omni-directional antenna can be considered the wireless signal coverage in all directions.As long as in the range of coverage, wireless monitoring device can receive the signal and the wire transfer.In addition, can use teng far zhi billiton self-help research and development of wireless mobile transmission equipment, even if the surveillance cameras installed in the high-speed vehicles can also will monitor video of stable transmission back to the monitoring center.
Wireless monitoring scope

Finally, according to different site conditions, the selection of wireless monitoring equipment should fully consider the field environment, from the waterproof, windproof, anti high temperature, low temperature, lightning protection, dust prevention, security and other factors to consider.
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