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Satellite TV project

High Altitude Aerial Camera Wireless Solutions

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Under the scene, the high-speed railway and the highway development continues to speed, more and more railway lines and highway construction began to start. In the construction and development of the road is unavoidable to meet various mountain area and hills, and other complex geographical environment, dig the tunnel is in the rail and highway construction often encounter problems. Tunnel construction scheme as most directly, but also the most through the scheme, can effectively play shorten the driving mileage, improving linear standard, to ensure safe operation, protecting the ecological environment etc. characteristics. Reality, the tunnel construction is a hard, have a higher risk of engineering, how efficient it under the precondition of ensuring the construction safety and improve the tunnel excavation quality and speed, more and more construction units through the establishment of monitoring system to reduce and guarantee the engineering safety of, especially in recent years the rapid application of advanced digital wireless monitoring is in tunnel construction play a more and more important role. With the wide application of the tunnel, the construction safety situation of the first hand master, and the project after the completion of the real-time monitoring of the road conditions become the focus of the object.